If lack of funds is an issue:

Raise the funds you need to participate in The Practice of Peace



      Write a letter to your friends and acquaintances to ask for their help in sending you to this event perhaps a donation of $10 to $25 each. In your letter, express your motivation and how the support of your community of friends is needed and how such mutuality and support is in fact the foundation of peacemaking.


      Or hold a garage sale and ask friends for items to donate to the sale.


      Set a fundraising goal you might consider 50% of the fees, matched by you.


In exchange, offer your support and commitment to peacemaking in your community. For example,


      offer to speak to local groups to share what you learn;

      write an article for the local newspaper;

      volunteer at a youth center;

      present a workshop in non-violence or related topics.


-- Suggestions from Susan Partnow